01 April 2008

The Return: Commemorated by a List of Books

I've broken continuity. Returning from Boston (sweet merciful crap, I love that place), I had a internet free Spring Break, and returning to school, I had a spare time free week of work. Now, I return, with a list of books that should be purchased and immediately sent to me, as well as a link to a short article about one of my very favorite books of all time: Erasmus' The Praise of Folly, and a link to an article about John Steinbeck that hurt my feelings (but don't worry because I have two).

Books I want to read:

Nothing to be Frightened Of

Julian Barnes

    Ruminations on death

Sputnik Caledonia
Andrew Crumey

    Strange dystopian literature

This Secret Garden: Oxford Revisited

Justin Cartwright

    Pure intellectual nostalgia

Three Studies for a Crucifixion

Francis Bacon


Don't know what its about, but what a wonderful title.


Drinking for England

Fergus Linnane


Famous British drunks



Matthew Francis


Poems based on the 14th century Travels of Sir John Mandeville


.phil said...

Jimmy I agree boston is one freaking sweet city I loved being there... where did you go and what did you get to see?


Bryce said...

so, are you going to put more posts on this site, or should i just go to all the james gossip blogs for my updates? your throngs of adoring fans clamor out for MORE!